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Udon noodle

udon noodle

The noodles come from superior and pollution-free wheat flour. Safety and health, easy to cook.

Ingredient: wheat flour, salt, water

Package: 300g

Wide noodle

wide noodle

Made with high quality wheat flour. Tasty and multiple kind.

Ingredient: wheat flour, salt, water

Package: 300g

Soba noodle

soba noodle

Competitive soba noodles get ISO 9001-2000 standard and meet with EU Food inspection standard.

Ingredient: wheat flour, buckwheat flour, salt, water

Package: 300g

Egg noodle round

egg noodle

Egg noodle

Made from best wheat flour. Strict production standard. Low fat, low aluminium content. We can offer: square, round and nestle. Private label available.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, egg, water, salt

Package: 400g

Egg noodle square

egg noodle


egg noodle

Egg noodle


wheat flour, egg powder, salt, water



spaghetti noodle

Spaghetti noodle round

Real italian pasta made of durum wheat with high quality and cooking resistance for a better taste on your table.

Ingredient: wheat flour, salt, water

Package: 588g


fresh udon noodle

Fresh udon noodle

Fresh noodle is a kind of wet boiled noodle which is introduced from Japan. It looks shining, boiling resistant and taste more smooth than dried noodle.

Ingredients: wheat flour, water, salt

Package:200g, 800g

fresh ramen noodle


Fresh ramen noodle

Fresh instant noodleis high in protein, complex carbohydrates,vitamin, natural fibers,and some minerals.

Ingredient: wheat flour, salt, water

Package: 180g, 150g*2, 150g*4

longkou noodle


Longkou rice noodle

Ingredients: corn starch, water

Package: 250g, 500g

potato noodle

Harusame noodle

Non-GMO; Alum free; Additive free; Just potato starch & purified water; Crystal; Instant food; Very tasty

Ingredient: potato starch, water

Package: 500g

xinzhu noodle


Xinzhu rice noodle


corn starch, water



hot pot noodle

Hot pot rice noodle

Vermicelli is one of Chinese traditional products; it was famous and known as its excellent quality. It owes to the good raw material, nice climate and fine processing in the planting field.

Ingredient: corn starch, water

Package: 300g