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Guri Foods' ingredients are processed to meet the strict requirements of our Quality Assurance Department. Our processing technology has evolved to specifically handle the esoteric nature of our raw materials. These raw materials are finding their way into more kitchens and restaurants throughout the world as the tastes and preferences for fancy food increase. Our buyers travel world wide in search of the finest crops available. We closely monitor our suppliers and constantly keep our eyes open for better sources and better prices so that the customers never have to worry about locating these rare commodities. 
Our on-staff Food Technician monitors consistency in color, flavor and texture on each ingredient. The in-house lab conducts all microbial testing to ensure clean, healthful cooking. The close proximity of this lab to the receiving area allows a smooth transition of the food from our suppliers to the high quality recipes of our customers. The entire staff in our plant upholds our guidelines for cleanliness and efficiency. We also work hand-hand with customers and their Chefs to create formulas and ideas that best exploit the tremendous depth of flavor of these sought-after products. The various treatments of ingredients by all of the diverse cooks using our products greatly compliment the vast array of items we carry.
Our processing technology gives our clients the confidence to create 'out of the box' and work with products that have, until now, been virtually unreliable. As more and more restaurants, caterers and cafeterias look for new ways to improve their menus, they need to feel confident that new ingredients can be consistent, safe and reliable. We pride ourselves on the fact that all hands involved maintain and expect nothing but the strictest of standards and highest quality in food processing. Our customers have come to know that they can depend on Woodland Foods as a reliable source of unique ingredients.