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Vegetable curing is an ancient method of processing and storage of vegetables. It has a long history no matter in China or abroad. Due to the processing method and equipment is simple and easy, and the raw materials can be found locally, so many unique style in the name of special products is formed in different regions. In the standard of living is relatively backward, pickled vegetables mainly for family - made from food, its purpose is in order to extend the storage of vegetables and edible period to compensate for food. The modern people is no longer in order to solve the problem of food and clothing with pickles, but to adjust taste under the continuous improvement of the level of modern life. Especially these pickles is helpful at the digestion, eliminate greasy, regulating the spleen and stomach, etc. So they are favored by people in the city.


ginger pink

Pickled ginger pink

Ingredient: ginger, water, salt, natural pigment, etc

Package: 1kg

pickled ginger

Pickled ginger white

Sushi Ginger is with fresh crisp, sweet and sour and spicy of ginger itself. Ginger itself has the role of sterilization

Ingredients: ginger, water, salt, etc

Package: 1kg



Pickled radish

Pickled radish is made from high quality radish. It is indispensable materials to make sushi or other traditional Japanese food. It is soft and tender flavor, sweet and sour taste, stimulate your appetite.

Ingredients: Fresh radish, salt, water, acid, ect.

Package: 1kg




radish slice

Pickled radish sliced

We can supply any kinds of radish products to our honored customers, whole picked radish, sliced radish, shredded radish,and so on. Most importantly we have raw materials guaranteed and the price is competitive.

Ingredients: Fresh radish, salt, water, acid, ect.

Package: 400g

radish cutted

Pickled radish shredded

Ingredients: Fresh radish, salt, water, acid, ect.

Package: 400g


Pickled Kanpyo

It is made with high quality raw materials, Non-GMO treatment. Also it is tasty and multiple kinds. Stored in cool & dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Ingredients: Kanpyo, sugar, sauce, salt, caramel, or as customer's request

Package: 1000g


Pickled cucumerb

Cucumber is a kind of widely used vegetable and seasoning. Its unique taste makes it an indispensable part in cooking, and because of its natural colour, it is regarded as a health food.

Ingredients: Fresh cucumerb, salt, water, ect.

Package: 300g, 1000g


Dried shiitake mushroom whole

Size: Below 2cm, 2-3cm, 3-4cm, 4-5cm, 5-6cm, 6-7cm, 8cm Moisture: 12% max. Dust: 3% max.

Ingredients: Fresh shiitake mushroom

Package: 1000g