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Wasabi Mustard

No sugar, low calorie, vegetarian diet, health food, taste from earth.Strong spicy mustard, can stimulate the secretion of saliva andgastric juice, can enhance the appetite.Thiocyanate components in mustard can prevent tooth decay, to prevent cancer, preventblood clots, asthma, also have a certain effect.Mustard prevents of high blood fat, high blood pressure, heart disease, reduce blood viscosity and other effects. Mustard oil and cosmetic effect.


wasabi soy sauce

Wasabi soy sauce

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, people will think of sashimi, sushi, they are representative of the Japanese food. However, when eaten, they all need with mustard and soy sauce, soy sauce, mustard and play a decisive role in the Japanese diet.

Ingredients: soy sauce, mustard

Package: 200g;250g;300g;400g;etc

wasabi powder

Wasabi powder

Mustard powder.And taste in food.

Ingredients: mustard

Package: 100g, 300g, 1kg

wasabi paste

Wasabi paste

Mustard sauce, mustard sauce wasabi mustard or by a common condiment, horseradish, the deployment of the system, with a strong pungent odor and taste fresh.

Ingredients: Mustard,Wasabi,horseradish

Package: 43g